Detached Garages

A garage isn’t just about “parking cars.”

You’re tired of trudging through snow and rain to your vehicle every morning…

You’ve been wishing you had one more room for a home office…

You imagine all of the woodworking projects you’d get done if you just had the space…

Scenic Valley Builders helps homeowners meet all of their home storage and family living needs with custom, built-to-suit detached and attached garages.A garage isn’t just about “parking cars.” It’s about taking care of the equipment that takes care of you. It’s about space for your family: for entertaining, playing, and cultivating hobbies and skills.

Building a beautiful detached garage with Scenic Valley Builders can give you more time and more energy to enjoy your home, your family, and your community.

How a Custom Garage Can Solve More Than One Problem

If you’re considering a garage addition in Southeast Pennsylvania, we help homeowners think through far more than just vehicle storage.

When we build garages, we tailor your build to your home and your family’s needs, and the opportunities in a garage space are endless. A detached or attached garage can provide:

  • Out-of-the-elements vehicle storage to make rainy morning commutes more pleasant and protect your vehicle investments
  • Workshop space to hone your craft, hobby, or blossoming business––and teach the next generation
  • Man-cave space that blurs the line between indoor and outdoor entertaining
  • Beautiful office space on a second floor to eliminate your commute and create a quiet, relaxing working environment
  • Additional home storage in and above your new garage that frees up your basement or attic to create even more finished space in your home
  • Lawn mower and equipment storage so the machinery that keeps your property in order gets to stay in order too
  • Space for deck chairs and tables to shelter out of the winter weather, preserving these investments for many years of entertaining


A custom garage with Scenic Valley Builders is an investment in your property and your family.

Whether you need storage space or more living square footage, let our experienced team help you design around what matters most to your family, with solutions that fit the look and feel of your property and your budget.

Does a detached garage add value to my home?

A detached garage or garage addition, particularly custom built to fit your property, can add meaningful value to your property and improve resale ability.

Garages are increasingly a “must-have” for discerning home buyers, and solving storage or living space issues at your home can add incredible value to future property resale.

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